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Data And Privacy Policy

Hey! Read this! It’s more fun than it sounds.

Last updated November 21, 2023


I’m a big believer in the quaint notion that what we do online and offline is no one’s business but our own. The pervasive tracking, surveilling and data mining of our every move by shadowy companies without our consent should not just be regulated, but banned entirely.


With that in mind, I don’t collect or store any data about my site visitors or print customers except the bare minimum that you voluntarily provide when you sign up for my mailing list, purchase a photo or send me an email, text or other communication. Even then, I don’t need to know who you are. Use an email obscuring service or a fake name if you want. I don’t care!


I periodically delete communications data (email, texts, etc.) and will only keep customer sales records long enough for basic administrative purpose like bookkeeping and tax accounting (probably about a year), verification of the sale in the unlikely case there is a problem with the order, waiting for checks to clear and so on. You can ask me to remove you from my mailing list any time or use the “unsubscribe” button in any email. I never share any of this information with anyone. If I don’t keep it or collect it in the first place, I don’t have to worry about protecting it. 


As of the date of this policy, there is one annoying exception to my data policy: my site uses PayPal for print purchases with a PayPal account or with a credit card and their code sets cookies on your device when you browse my site, whether you use the shopping cart functions or not.


I think this sucks and I’m in the process of figuring out how to disable the code that lets PayPal do this. If you’re reading this, it means I’m still working on it and any insights into how to block it would be appreciated. If you have cookies blocked in your browser or use a VPN or incognito window (all of which I’d recommend no matter what you’re doing online), my site will still work fine. 


If you’re not in a hurry and would like to pay by check or money order instead of PayPal or Credit Card, check that option during checkout and mail me the check or money order and I’ll wait until it clears to print your order. This also saves the credit card transaction fees.


If you visit my site here or buy a print (thanks!) or sign up for my newsletter, I don’t snitch you out to creepy, intrusive surveillance companies like Google or Facebook or email management services. Unlike just about every other website, I don’t use the free Google Analytics plugin. Instead I use the paid privacy-protecting analytics service


This costs extra money each month, but it is none of Google’s business what pages you look at, right? For my newsletter I use the privacy-forward service 


Lastly, to state the obvious, I have no control over the data and privacy policies of 3rd party websites I link to from here, such as links I include when writing blog posts and photojournal stories.


I hope you like my work! Maybe even buy a picture! Meanwhile, I’ll do what I can to make sure it’s no one else’s business.



November 21, 2023

Hi, glad you like my photos. Please contact me first before using them and always credit the source. I'm happy to license them no charge to activist groups and for a fee for commercial use. Contact info here: