Lennon Wall Interactive Panorama

Below is the first (of many to come) interactive Lennon Wall panoramas. I’ve isolated it here on its own page so readers who want to see it don’t have to scroll through the longer article where it is embedded. But I recommend you read that too! You’ll find lots more photos and context to understand what Lennon Walls are and the roles they played in the 2019 Hong Kong pro-democracy protest movement.
The full Lennon Wall article is here: https://www.mikaljakubal.com/lennon-wall-hong-kong/

Interactive Lennon Wall Panorama
Click and drag anywhere on the image above or use the arrows to scroll this interactive panorama. Click the “full screen” box for the best experience. This is a composite of 20 sequential images from a small section of the Tai Po Lennon Wall, October 5th, 2019. This is the first of many such panoramas to come! I photographed the Lennon Walls with this in mind, though not all Walls lent themselves to panoramas. I’ll be putting up more from Tai Po, plus: Tsuen Wan, Tseung Kwan O, Sao Mao Ping, Tsing Yi and Kwun Tong. There will be “hotspots” allowing you to zoom in and see some of the artwork full size, with explanations as to the significance of the imagery and translations from Cantonese to English. If anyone is fluent in both languages and would like to help, please contact me! Also, I’m looking for a schematic diagram of the Tai Po tunnel, so I can include a map that pinpoints the location of each panorama or set of photos.

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