The Niland mud geyser or mud spring, looking Northwest. It is a pool of bubbling, brown, muddy water. The surface is about 3' down vertical sides. Two rusty pipes cross it near the surface. In the background is the rerouted highway with a semi-truck on it. Between the pit and the new highway is the old road, already being actively undermined by the pit.

The Meandering Mud Pot

In 2015, in a nondescript piece of desert near Salton Sea in far SE California, a bubbling mud pot did something unprecedented: it started moving across the desert at a before-your-very-eyes pace, snacking on a railroad line, regional highway, oil pipelines and fiber optic cables that foolishly crossed its path.

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A painting of a mastodon walking through a forest.

Find me on Mastodon

If you’re curious about ditching Facebook or Twitter because of…all the reasons…but still want to use social media to keep in touch with people, share online conversations and learn new things, but you’re overwhelmed by all the choices, let me make it easy: sign up with Mastodon.

Why? It’s noncommercial, transparent, you own your data, you can switch to any other community in the Federation and take all your data, friends, etc. with you, it’s based on open source software, it’s user-run and supported. User supported means there are no ads, no surveillance and no data mining.

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