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If I give you my number, Signal app always gets the quickest response. In fact, in most cases, Signal will get the only response.

I’m always up for an adventure! I shoot stills, video, some 360° spherical panoramas. My favorite place to be is on the front line of a protest or deep in the wilderness, preferably both.

For-profit businesses: contact me for image licensing. I’m reasonable, but if your business model revolves around asking people to work for free or risk their safety for free…you need to maybe rethink it. 

Nonprofit organizations/activists: I’m very open to progressive, grassroots activist organizations using my work for free/cheap with permission and a Creative Commons license. Please contact me first, thanks.

You can find me on Twitter @mikaljakubal where I post a lot. You can also find me on Instagram @mikaljakubal where I hardly post at all because everything Facebook touches becomes awful and I don’t have the energy for popularity-groveling before an inscrutable algorithm that requires us to sacrifice our humanity on the altar of surveillance capitalism. Also, I’m fun at parties.


Have gas mask, will travel. Hong Kong, 2019.

About this site

March 15th, 2021

I’ve been working on getting these stories online for a while. I finally decided that I should just go public with what I have, as it is. As China cracks down ever more tightly on Hong Kong, the Lennon Wall project in particular seems more and more timely. Below are a few of the things I’m working on and hope to have online in the coming weeks and months.

Lennon Walls I will soon be adding a number of additional photo journals from my time in Hong Kong in 2019, plus photo galleries of the protest movement. I will also be expanding the Lennon Wall project to include VR/360° spherical panoramas and more linear panoramas. These will include pop-up “hotspots” with detailed images of some of the Lennon Wall artwork along with interpretation of the events and symbolism behind the imagery you see in the panoramas. I also have many interviews yet to transcribe. I’ll be adding galleries of art snapshots as well.

The panoramas, like the interactive one in the Lennon Wall story, are made from selections of sequential still images that were from larger sets of detailed photo documentations of many of the Lennon Walls from October 2019 through December 2019. 


Other Protests


After the Black Lives Matter protests in Oakland, CA in 2020, much of downtown Oakland was boarded up for weeks. Artists immediately covered these new canvases with a gorgeous, powerful and inspiring artwork. All of it, though, was ephemeral by design, destined to be removed once the danger of broken windows was past. I did a detailed photo documentation of this art and am working on a webmap showing not just the images, but the exact location of each piece. Along with the map and image gallery, I’ll have a detailed tutorial for how to shoot something like this with an eye toward creating a historical archive.


Environmental Issues 

In 2017, I spent 30 days rafting 916 kilometers of the Blue Nile in Ethiopia, from Lake Tana to the Yarenga Bridge, just upstream from the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. The reservoir behind the dam will likely begin to fill this year, flooding the lower 200 kilometers of the canyon forever and displacing huge populations of rural farmers. I did extensive documentation of that trip and plan to produce a photo/video/360 essay here soon. The Ethiopian government has tentative plans to dam the entire Blue Nile, something that needs to be stopped for environmental and humanitarian reasons.



I spend winters in southern Arizona where I’ve been helping the local Samaritan group with water and other aid drops in the desert. Hundreds of migrants each year die trying to cross the sixty mile stretch of cactus-filled, waterless terrain. A jug of water on a trail can mean the difference between life and death. I’ve working on a piece of my reflections doing this work.

Hi, glad you like my photos. Please contact me first before using them and always credit the source. Contact info here: